ZipGrow™ Farm Wall - No Towers

Want to create a Farm Wall using your existing ZipGrow towers? Purchase a ZipGrow Farm Wall gutter and irrigation kit.

This item includes everything you'd receive with a ZipGrow Farm Wall except for the ZipGrow towers.

You'll receive: 

  • Top and bottom gutters with end caps
  • Pump and drip irrigation system
  • All assembly Hardware. 


Required tools: 

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Crescent wrench
  • Wire cutters
  • Clear PVC glue

For more information, check out the ZipGrow Farm Wall.


Farm Wall Highlight


A little about the Farm Wall design:

The wall is made up of two rectangular gutters (made of food-safe PVC) that hold the ZipGrow towers in place. 

The lower gutter serves as the sump for the system and holds the water, nutrient solution and the Active Aqua 400 pump.

The upper gutter houses the plumbing and drip emitters. As part of the updated design, viewports have been cut into the upper gutter to allow for easier maintenance access and monitoring of the drippers. 

The towers can be easily taken in and out of the wall for planting, harvest, live sales, and other adjustments.

The wall is designed with rear-mounted brackets to easily clip into and out of the provided wall mounts.

Each ZipGrow tower holds two media inserts which can be “zipped” in and out of the tower for easy planting.



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ZipGrow™ Farm Wall - No Towers