ZipGrow™ Towers

5' ZipGrow™ Tower 4-PACK

Grow Like The Pros & Save With A 4-Tower Starter Pack!

A 4-Pack is a great way to get started with vertical farming and helps you save on shipping. 

Because they're designed by farmers for farmers, our patented ZipGrow Tower is used around the world by professional vertical farmers in greenhouses and indoor facilities alike. 

Now you can start your own farm or garden with the same professional equipment, designed to last and evolve with you and your farm.


ZipGrow Towers are designed with simplicity in mind.


Because farmers and gardeners don't have time for hassle and hangups.

They want equipment that's not only built for productivity, but they're built to last for years, lowering a farmer's replacement and operational costs. 

Professional farmers also don't have time to worry about safety. That's why we ensure ZipGrow products are made from the highest quality materials so you can be confident your produce is not only ultra fresh, but also safe.


ZipGrow Empowers Scalable Systems


Because the modern farmer or gardener needs equipment that grows with them. Unlike traditional growers, ZipGrow professional and hobbyist vertical farmers alike can easily add more ZipGrow Towers as they find traction in their markets and grow their businesses. 

Have questions about setting up a system to scale? We can help! 855-947-4769  

ZipGrow Matrix Media


What's inside ZipGrow Towers?

ZipGrow Towers utilize specially designed fiber Matrix Media that helps growers in three big ways:

  1. Our Matrix Media helps stabilize root zone temperatures - (a common problem in traditional NFT and aeroponic systems)
  2. Our Matrix Media's void space makes the Tower lightweight and easy to maintain, move, and transport (a key component of Live Sales)
  3. Our Matrix Media is reusable for years and even comes with our Grower's Guarantee


What you can grow:

  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Collard Greens
  • Chives
  • Bok Choy 
  • And much, much more.

This article and this post will help you learn more.


What's in the Box?

  • 4 ZipGrow Tower Housings (5 ft Towers)

  • 8 EZ Pull Matrix Media inserts

  • 8 Starter Wicking Strips

  • 4 Hanging Hooks (Optional)


Save money and get started growing vertically with this 4-Pack of 5 ft. ZipGrow Towers!

Our patented ZipGrow Tower is designed for all levels of growers from the professional to the hobbyist backyard gardener, STEM teachers, restaurants, and even everything in between. 

Also available in 8-pack and 12-pack bundles to save on shipping.  

ZipGrow tower bundles do not include any irrigation tubing, pumps, or other various system components you'll need to set up a system.

For more on what else you'll need to setup a beginner system, view this Slideshare


ZipGrow towers are built to last!  lock.png

We back our tower housings with a 20 Year Grower's Guarantee!

ZipGrow Matrix Media is guaranteed to last for continued, strenuous use for up to 1 year, although professional growers will tell you they typically last 3-9 years depending on crop variety and usage. 


Add a Pulling Hook for Free! 

Unless you already have one, you will need a pulling hook to be successful with ZipGrow towers.

Learn more about ZipGrow Towers in this video 



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5' ZipGrow™ Tower 4-PACK

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