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Domestic Wholesalers and Upstart Farmer Retailers

Here at Bright Agrotech, we are constantly striving to save our customer's time. That's why we have created new customer classes for our Upstart Farmers, wholesale customers, and Upstart Farmer retailers.

If you are an Upstart Farmer, Upstart Farmer Retailer, or Wholesale Customer, you can gain exclusive access to Bright Agrotech's online store.

These groups receive online access to wholesale pricing or exclusive items in order to ease the ordering process.


upstart-farmers-logo-blue-white.png**You MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT to see your applicable product category.


**Please Contact Elesif Smith or your Upstart Farmers representative if you need an account or have questions about qualifying for these exclusive classes.


Want to be an Upstart Farmer, retailer, or wholesaler? Contact us today to learn how!

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