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  • ZipGrow Matrix Media for Aquaponics or Hydroponics has a 93% void ratio.
  • ZipGrow Matrix Media for Aquaponics or Hydroponics fits with all ZipGrow Towers.
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ZipGrow™ Matrix Media

2.00 LBS
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Product Description

ZipGrow EZ Pull Media Replacement

The EZ Pull Matrix Media comes standard in all ZipGrow Towers and is the choice of vertical farming professionals around the world.

For aquaponic growers, Matrix Media's special fiber design amplifies your system's health with massive biological surface area.

Both hydroponic and aquaponic growers benefit from the extremely high void space, leading to better percolation (increasing system oxygen), and helping to stabilize root zone temperatures. 

The bottom line:

Whether you're a hydro or aqua grower, Matrix Media and ZipGrow Towers will take your farm to the next level. 


Backed by Our Grower's Guarantee 

Matrix Media is guaranteed to last for continued, strenuous use for up to 1 year, although professional growers will tell you they typically last 3-9 years depending on crop variety and usage.  

Product Videos

Planting a ZipGrow tower 02:03

In this video, Noah from Bright Agrotech walks you through the simple process of planting a ZipGrow tower. Learn more: http://brightagrotech.com/planting-a-zipgrow-tower/ Step #1: Wicking Strips The first step is to take one Matrix Media insert, fold it in half and place the wicking strip so it even with the front of the insert. This wicking material is great for planting a new ZipGrow tower as it helps draw moisture from your irrigation directly to the roots of your new seedlings. Step #2: Planting Seedlings Once you've properly prepped your Matrix Media and wicking material, it's time to start planting your seedlings. Remember: plant spacing will largely depend on the crop you're growing so be sure and read this article for more info. When in doubt, consult the back of your seed packet and use the recommended spacing. With common crops like lettuce, you'll shoot for 6-8 inches or about 8 plants per 5′ ZipGrow tower. Place your seedlings so that the top of the root ball is flush with the top (or front side) of the media insert (i.e. the side you want facing the sun or artificial lighting source). Step #3: Pulling the Media Once you've placed your seedlings on one side of the media insert in the proper spacing, fold the other half of the media over and pull slowly into your ZipGrow tower housing. Repeat this process for the next media insert (for a 5′ tower) and you've successfully planted your ZipGrow tower! Find out more about ZipGrow products here: http://brightagrotech.com/products/

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