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More About Vertical Farming

Vertical farming and urban agriculture have been at the front of agricultural development in recent decades. Unfortunately, many of the designs for the vertical farms of the future are closer to science fiction than reality.

At Bright Agrotech, we aren't interested in making elaborate blueprints of fancy skyscrapers that can grow your lettuce at 10 times the traditional cost. We believe that if we want to make vertical and urban farming a reality we need to keep it simple.


We need to empower members of the community to take a stand and start growing food for the people around them.

We need to drive demand for locally grown, ultra-nutritious produce that can be traced to its source on a bicycle rather than with a satellite.


We need ZipGrow.


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ZipGrow technology was a key player in the US pavilion at this year's EXPO 2015 World's Fair. Click below to learn more!




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Bright Agrotech is dedicated to assisting and empowering farmers using ZipGrow technology. Learn more by clicking below.




ZipGrow is going global. If you would like to know more, or are interested in becoming an international retailer or distributor, click the photo below.




If you are an Upstart Farmer, Upstart Farmer Retailer, or ZipGrow Wholesaler you qualify for special pricing and product offerings! Click below to find out more




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