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Marilyn Yamamoto, A Story of Success

Upstart Farmers are small farmers who have made the decision to stand apart and be the forerunners for this new age of agriculture. One of those strategic forerunnners is Marilyn Yamamoto, a small organic Upstart Farmer who is making her mark in this new age of agriculture. Marilyn not noly runs a profitable organic vertical farm in Las Vegas, but makes great efforts to educate and support her community.

With her help and the help of small growers and urban farmers everywhere, we are changing the way food is produced and consumed.

"I started our Cowboy Trail Farm to give back to our community. We grow fresh and healthy organic produce, donate to those in need, educate families to learn to grow their own food and have special events such as Farm to Table, Farm to Yoga, and more."

Click Here to read an article highlighting Marilyn and other women who have taken the initiative to build their own farm and provide for their communties and families.



You can change your life and your community like Marilyn. Ask yourself, "Do I have the ambition? Do I have the drive to make my mark?"

If you do, then join us in our mission to change the face of agricultural production. If you pick up even a handful of ZipGrow towers, you can provide enough fresh produce to keep your family fed with some of the most nutritious food possible.


No more two week old produce from the grocery store that only lasts in your refrigerator for a few days. ZipGrow produce is alive and right-now fresh. ZipGrow is also easier to use and less time intensive compared to other hydroponic systems.


If your ambition is as limitless as Marilyn's, give us a call to discuss starting your own vertical farm and provide for your community while operating a business that is enriching to your life (and profitable!!)


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