Home Grower Bundle

We are discounting the price of the FarmWall and have created this bundle specifically for people to get through this COVID-19 pandemic. If growing food in your home has been a thought on your mind, we’re here to help. The price allows us to continue operating and employing our 22 staff members.

Read more about why our co-founders are offering this discount and why we believe everyone should be growing food in their homes.



The ZipGrow Home Grower Bundle is a 2,4 or 8-Tower FarmWall System and our seedling kit; everything you need to start growing food now.

This vertical gardening system brings life to your walls, allows you to grow food in your home year-round and reduces your grocery bill. The ZipGrow™ FarmWall provides abundant harvests for many varieties of leafy greens and herbs. The recirculating system is lightweight and easily mounted on walls, fences, and on the north wall of the greenhouse.

This is enough supply to grow plants for roughly 1 year in your own home.

Simply go to your local plant store and buy some seeds and within 5 weeks you will have an abundant harvest right on your wall. Some varieties, such as kale or basil can simply continue growing for months while you pick off fresh leaves every few days. We will be posting some videos in the near future about best crops for these Home Grower Systems, but traditionally kale, lettuces, and herbs grow best. The FarmWall (four-tower) is capable of growing 12 heads of lettuce per week, or 64 oz. of kale per week, or a variety of greens of your preference. It was designed to fit on any wall and doesn’t take much to operate; you just have to add nutrients and water.

Included with the ZipGrow™ Farm Wall:

  • 2, 4 or 8  ZipGrow™ Towers, with media inserts which can be “zipped” in and out for easy planting
  • 2 food safe PVC Gutters (38" length)
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Submersible pump
  • Media pulling hook
  • The appropriate number of wicking strips (2 per 5' tower)
  • Miscellaneous hardware (Wall mounts, screws, control valve, zip ties, etc.)

The LED Light Kit includes:

  • 1 x Black anodized adjustable light brackets; overall measurement from wall = 12 inches to 19.5 inches, adjustable distance from tower face to light = 5 inches to 12 inches.
  • 1 x SunBlaster 48" LED Strip Light HO 6400K (48W)
  • 2 x Tower Farm Walls come with 1 x Farm Wall Light Kit
  • 4 x Tower Farm Walls come with 2 x Farm Wall Light Kits
  • 8 x Tower Farm Walls come with 4 x Farm Wall Light Kits

    The Seedling Kit comes with everything you need to grow healthy seedlings.


    • Ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants.
    • Grow seedlings faster with 15-20% more photons.
    • Simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment
    • Super easy assembly
    • Internal reflective finish directs more light to plants 

    This Seedling Kit Includes: 

    • 1 x 200 Count Propagation Tray, 1.75" cell depth
    • 1 x Plastics Clear Dome, 21.5" x 11"
    • 1 x Plastics Germination Tray, 21.5" x 11"
    • 200 x 1.75" x 0.9" FlexiPlugs 
    • 1 x T5 high output grow light fixture and bulb (24 watts)
    • 1 x 6' grounded cord with on/off switch
    • 1 x SunBlaster Universal Strip Light Stand


    The tools needed for assembly are:

    • A drill
    • Crescent wrench
    • Fasteners specific to your mounting style (e.g. heavy duty screws, drywall anchors, masonry anchors)
    • Scissors (to trim zip ties)

    Follow this link --> to get the farm wall manual where you can see more information on how to use the vertical gardening system, and what to expect when growing with the ZipGrow™ farm wall.




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