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ZipGrow at 2015 World's Fair in Milan


ZipGrow Represents USA at 2015 World's Fair

Five years ago, Bright Agrotech was founded on values of innovation and unity. This summer, those years comprised of long days, dedication, and hard work are being held up as the American manifestation of innovation.


These amber waves of grain are growing in a whole new direction.

If you've seen the impressive US Pavilion built in Milan or read the beautiful description of the Milan World Fair in the New York Times, you've probably wondered how the 7200 square foot green wall works. Engadget was curious about ZipGrow technology as well. So much so, they called us and asked a few questions. See their take on EXPO Milano 2015 here.

If you haven't seen the green wall, it's time you did.
Deep purples, shades of green, reds, and even grey-blues dapple and drip from the wall; it forms a composite tapestry that adorns an entire face of the pavilion, transforming it into a colorful farm of various crop-style plants. The wall was designed by James Biber and Susannah Drake as an artful architectural display, representing the history of American agriculture through the themes of variety, crops, and meaningful arrangement. But the implications of this feat extend far into the future as well. 
Up until now, vertical farms have been associated with inoperable sci-fi-esque contraptions, naive and inexperienced farmers, and failed businesses. So strong is this stereotype that many have given up on the possibility of vertical farming altogether. Now the US Pavilion shouts out hope and potential to the world. Can you hear it?

You're probably brimming with questions. How is it attached to the building? What is it made of? What does it grow? Why is it a symbol of more than beauty?

As you will soon learn, Bright Agrotech is here to answer your questions.

The green wall is composed of panels, each outfitted with six custom ZipGrow Towers. The ZipGrows are what the plants grow in. They're the muscle that fits over the skeleton of panels and irrigation piping. And if we do say so ourselves, they're quite remarkable. Why? Because ZipGrow Towers make vertical farming viable; and more than that, they make vertical farming easy.

These towers are essentially a thin, hard housing that directs water flow and protects roots from the sun. Inside the housing, two strips of black mesh media secure the main root ball of the plant in place. Water is constantly dripped through the towers, keeping roots cool and plants growing. 

The inside of the tower is mostly air, which makes them easy for workers to lift and hang on the wall panels. When the crops inside reach maturity, the towers are slid off of the panels, harvested, and quickly replanted to be hung again.

From where we stand, in agricultural Wyoming, one of the best traits of the green wall is that its growing food. The US Pavilion green wall grows 42 varieties of food plants, from vegetables to grains to herbs. In fact, the pavilion's green wall is one of the only (and certainly the world's largest) food-producing green wall.

Why is that important? Because space on Earth is becoming more crowded for people- and more crowded for agriculture. The time approaches when we will not be able to expand sideways. When that time comes, we must be ready to expand up. Never before has mankind utilized vertical space for agriculture on a large scale. Never before has it even been possible. But after many failed trials with inefficient and difficult to use equipment, we've finally reached a solution.

Unknown to many, dozens of farmers in the US alone grow vertically on a commercial scale.


The pavilion was designed to convey a message of innovation and unity. We at Bright Agrotech have always known that ZipGrow embodies both of those ideals. Now it's time for the world to see it. Bright Agrotech is proud to represent America's contribution to these themes with the green wall on the US Pavilion; designed by James Biber and powered by ZipGrow.

We're proud that our hard work has been chosen to represent American innovation, and we hope that the green wall will inspire international unity towards a common goal: feeding a growing population.
While we at Bright Agrotech are excited to contribute to the global food solution; we are especially commited to solving major agricultural issues here in the US. We must work together to feed each other, conserve water, and provide local, hyper nutritious produce to our families, communities and the world.
This is where we need your help. Pick up a 4-pack of towers today and you will be able to provide live produce for your family every day. Nothing packs more nutrition and flavor into your meals than live produce.
If your ambition stretches further than feeding your family, contact us to learn more about establishing your own Upstart Farm to provide food for your community while supporting your family with a fun a profitable business. Whether you want a home system or a 7200 square foot green wall display like the living wall on the US Pavilion, Bright Agrotech is here to ensure your success.



*****Green walls are not just an attraction at the world's fair. ZipGrow towers grow delicious, hyper-fresh produce on every scale from one tower to thousands. The ZipGrow Green Wall is a modestly sized hydroponic system that is perfect for the hobby grower, restaurants, bars, grocery store displays, and a wide variety of other applications. Check it out for yourself and see why the US Department of State decided the US Pavilion should be powered by ZipGrow.*****


[Image credit: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri]




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