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ZipGrow: The Realistic Vertical Farm

Hydroponic vertical farming will be a key player in water conservation and the global food budget as we move into a new age of agriculture. And age that is built around these concerns as well as the concerns that come with a rapidly growing population.

Hydroponics coupled with vertical growing techniques reduces the space required to meet food demand, reduces water needed for agriculture, and allows produce to be grown locally even in densly-populated urban areas.

Though the technology of this age is in its infancy, it is almost certainly the next step in agricultural evolution. 




Bright Agrotech is dedicated to making sure this step is taken as soon as possible.



That means:

  • Our resource development department is constantly improving ZipGrow technology and adding new technology to our growers' repertoire.
  • Our content and media teams challenge themselves to provide the best resources to all growers. A dynamic library of multi-format content waits for anyone who wishes to look into vertical farming.
  • Community coordinators work to foster relationships between fellow farmers, schools, communities, hobbyists, and industry experts to maximize benefits from shared knowledge and mutual encouragement.
  • Every team member takes personal responsibility of making sure that you're growing in an efficient and profitable system. 


With our technology and the limitless drive that we have seen from current and future Upstart Farmers, we know a sustainable, local, and profitable agricultural future is closer than most people think.

Already growers around the world are bringing successful local farming to their communities with ZipGrow





Join us in changing the way food is grown on every scale by getting your ZipGrow towers today.

You can make a difference even if it means starting a small garden system and providing fresh, nutritious, and safe produce to your family.

If you have the ambition to provide for more than just your family, we are here to support vertical and urban farms on every scale.

Contact our team of professionals today to see where you can fit into this century's agricultural revolution.


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