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  • ZipGrowers Downloadable Resource Bundle

ZipGrower's Downloadable Resource Bundle


Product Description

ZipGrower's Downloadable Resource Bundle

An $87.94 value FREE with the purchase of 24 ZipGrow Towers

Simply add this bundle and 24 towers to your cart, then use coupon code FREEBUNDLE at checkout.


Ready to take your ZipGrow Towers to even greater heights?

There is more to it than putting a price tag on that precious produce. Fear not, Bright Agrotech has your back! We've got every downloadable resource you need to be successful at vertical farming with ZipGrow. And now, it's even more convenient! We've bundled together a collection of great resources all in one place.


So what's in the bundle?

  • Business Planning Guide
  • Complete Grower's Packet Bundle
    • Grocery Grower's Negotiation and Compliance Packet
    • Restaurant Grower's Packet
    • CSA Grower's Packet
    • Farmers' Market Packet
  • Pest and Disease Control Bundle
    • Pest Control Packet
    • Disease Control Packet
  • Nutrient Deficiency Key
  • ZipGrow Recommended Crop List


Want more details about what you're getting in this bundle? 

Business Planning Guide

 The Bright Agrotech Business Planning Guide was written specifically for those pursuing commercial hydroponic production using ZipGrow towers.

Not a Fortune 500 CEO? Not a problem! We've created an easy to follow guide and that makes it even easier to get your business plan together. From the products you will offer to the best marketing strategy for your business, this guide will take you from hobby grower to business owner in no time! 

Complete Grower's Packet Bundle

Take your farm marketing plan to the next level with all four Grower's Packets.

You'll get our complete guides to growing for CSAsGrocery StoresRestaurants, and Farmers' Markets.

Each packet includes:

  • marketing strategies
  • account management tips
  • how to comply with regulatory rules
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

These resources are overflowing with valuable wisdom from Bright Agrotech's Upstart Farmers and will be sure to save you valuable time. 

Pest and Disease Control Bundle

Armed with this bundle you will have the know-how to successfully identify and eliminate a wide range of plant diseases and pests.

Our integrated pest and disease management techniques are specially designed to eliminate nearly every pest and plant disease under the sun and keep them out with minimal effort on your part.

These guides have extensive pest and disease identification sections so that you will know exactly what you are up against before you ever have to fight it.

Nutrient Deficiency Key

This comprehensive deficiency downloadable key outlines what you need to look for in your plants and how to adjust your nutrient dose appropriately to ensure your garden's longevity.

Adjust your nutrients with confidence with this key and your garden will go from sickly to vibrant in no time at all!

 ZipGrow Recommended Crops List

The Bright Agrotech Recommended Crop List is a tool for many novice hydroponic growers that saves time and heartache.

This list covers a wide variety of different greens, herb, and fruiting crop species while giving in depth advice on the environmental needs, reproductive cycles, harvesting and pruning best practices for each crop. 

If you are struggling to keep all the plants in your system healthy and productive, this is the guide for you. You will learn the growth timelines of each plant, ideal pH and lighting requirements, as well as tips and advice to keep your crops growing at optimum levels.

Start growing with this complete guide to recommended crops, yields, and common problems.


All of this FREE when you purchase 24 or more ZipGrow towers and use coupon code: FREEBUNDLE

Your resources will be e-mailed to you shortly after purchase.*

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