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ZipGrowing at Home

Big changes often have modest beginnings. This is true of most cultural shifts and technological advancements throughout history. We believe that agricultural technology is due for a big change. This change will not happen overnight and it cannot be done alone. You can be a part of the change.

The Upstart Farmers are small farmers who grow commercially, but they're not the only ones who will be changing the way that food is produced and consumed.

Special small systems like the ZipGrow Green Wall and the Spring System are designed for homeowners, teachers, and people who want a system with little space, upkeep, and maintenance requirements.

Want to make a change to contribute to better agricultural practices? A small vertical hydroponic system might be your opportunity.


Do you want to be a proponent of better agricultural practices but don't think you're suited to farming?

Good news: You don't have to be a farmer to shift the way that agricultural production is perceived and conducted.

Using modestly sized versions of new growing technology in the home or a classroom supports a bright agricultural future in several ways.

Your experience with and exposure to this technology helps to spread awareness, feed those close to you, and drives the evolution of the technology into something even better.

You also get the chance to teach others about sustainable agriculture and responsible production while enjoying fresh, ultra-nutritious, and tasty food.
You can grow in a small, low-maintenance system in your home today. Check out the small Bright Agrotech Green Wall or single-tower Spring System.

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